Marbella garden design and landscape studio. We work in the south of Spain but also in the national territory. 

We work with our comercial name apddesign. It was created in 2015. Landscaping proposals that came from the experience accumulated during 25 years by Antonio Piquera, referenced landscape designer on the Costa del Sol.

In apddesign we propose ways of understanding the garden where we combine the desires of customers with the creation of spaces with personality and character: architectural spaces, natural spaces, family spaces, sculptural spaces, spaces for everyday life and where uniqueness is able to inspire those who inhabit them.

Our clients come from very different places and cultures, so to our proposals adapt to tastes ranging from subtropical to Mediterranean gardens, from modern to Andalusian landscaping, from formal spaces to more naturalized ones, etc.

Our landcaped vision

Underneath our proposals there is a solid aesthetic vision which is the common element that connects one with the other.

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Trusted experience

Home garden design

We create new landscaping and gardening projects, and we do renovations for villas, houses, hotels, public parks, etc.

The pillars of our creative process are the connection with the environment, environmental sustainability, the habitability of spaces, the balance between function and form, and space as an expressive resource. We seek to create places capable of offering multiple layers of meaning. Gardens with the capacity to offer an emotional experience of space.

Gardens have countless faces.
Maybe you prefer the garden to meet with friends, or to have an amazing time with the family helping your child with his first steps.
Perhaps, the most important is to meet your family in your retirement time and enjoy a glass of wine under the stars in lively conversation.
Perhaps you prefer to meditate alone, walking barefoot in the grass, picking fruit from the tree and tending your own orchard.
The gardens have countless faces of course, and we can help you even if what you prefer is just a decorative space.

Sustainability, expressiveness, emotion, and livability.

The art and science of making exteriors capable of thrilling you.

Outdoor design

Trusted experience

Garden design and landscape architecture studio for different needs

Timeless & Innovative

We design gardens for empower every space. We'll help you design your dream.

We work for different types of clients. Sometimes they are companies such as nurseries, gardening companies, construction firms, developers, architects, etc. In those cases, we are totaly commited to the proper product of our clients.

When we work for private clients, we take care of the whole process: previous data, design, finding a gardening company and construction of the garden.

Working process

The first meeting is essential. In this meeting we can take the ideas, feelings, and dreams about what our client would like to have as a garden. In this first meeting we give ideas and suggestions, and we can take inspiration from the relationship between the plot and its surroundings, the style of the building, etc.


The information we obtain allows us to devise a concept to develop the project. We present plans and picture references.

The refining
the proposal

We development plans for presentation to the client, and we fit the design for the clients preferences.


Just the modifications are apruved we finish the design period and develop the construction drawings and specifications. But really, the improvement of design keep going a little bit more.


Finally, we manage the construction process, and we can advise to follow the maintenance works during the first two years in order to adapt the maintenance works to the growth sought during the project.

People from different cultures

Marbella, Sotogrande, and the Costa del Sol are a large multicultural territory where there are different landscaping and gardening needs.

As garden design and landscape architecture studio in Marbella, our proposals are very diverse, sometimes they are linked to the exotic image of the palm tree, the garden of shade and water, the oasis within the urban. Other times we design a reflection of current architecture: straight lines and geometric elements, very clean forms and concepts. Other times our designs are adapted to a more personal architecture.

In other landscape projects we have worked with cultural or historical references to other types of gardens. We have also made gardens that are part of a narrative concept, the image of a product on display, or a reiterative form of targeted communication.
 Scenarios necessary for certain public spaces, and where the design must be fully consistent with the activity that takes place.

In apddesign we are interested in artistic research, and we think about the need and responsibility that we landscape designers have in making gardens be seen as works of art. The garden understood as an aesthetic experience, an artistic installation or as a sculptural space, as it is already done in other parts of the world. And much more.


A good design is obvious, a great design is transparent

Our garden designs

We combine environmental respect, economic viability, use of space and the concept of the garden as an aesthetic experience.

We carred out different types projects of such as:

  • Villas and family houses
  • Residential Space
  • Public gardens
  • Rooftop gardens
  • Urban developments
  • Restaurant and night club gardens
  • Landscape Architecture
  • 4-5 and 5*Gl Hotel gardens
  • Renovation of old or outdated gardens
  • Ephemeral gardens
  • And more...
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alt=”garden design and landscape studio, exotic and mediterranean real estate garden picture Marbella, Spain”
alt=”exotic and mediterranean real estate garden picture, private garden, Marbella, Spain”
alt=”garden design and landscape studio, exotic and mediterranean real estate garden picture Marbella, Spain”
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Our Clients

We thank our clients for their confidence


Planning and Strategy

Landscaping and garden design

Small and large landscaping architecture Projects

Implementation of garden projects

Landscaping works management

Garden lighting

Garden house renovation

Private and public space