My activity on the Costa del Sol began in 2000.
Through out these 20 years I have carried out different types of projects in public space: restaurants, campsites, monumental areas, botanical gardens, hotels, real estate show room, etc.

Our experience



Simple solutions to complex problems

Gardens for spaces where different types of activities are developed such as restaurants, hotels, golf courses, spaces for different types of events, etc. normally maintain a narrative line, a theme inherited by interior design and architecture. Independently, the concept of experience is used for creation of atmospheres, enhancement of views, interior visual axes, privacy, theming, and other resources that come from artistic language. The public landscaping projects are generally complex issues which involve a large number of creatives and designers.

alt=”garden design and landscape studio, exotic garden picture, 5*GL hotel, The Canaria Islans, Spain”
alt=”garden design and landscape studio, exotic garden picture, 5*GL hotel, The Canaria Islans, Spain”

Aesthetic strategies

The strategies of designing landscaping project for public spaces are multiple, they involve linear and transversal solutions. The composition must be linked to the use of space. They are multi-use spaces in many cases. The gardens have to respond to what is going to happen in each area and generate a link between them. For aesthetic experience within the functionality it is necessary to bet on order, and the places must be understood consciously or subconsciously. Thus design becomes a way of ordering the landscape where there must be an accompaniment of the senses, sensations of surprise, mystery, etc. The customer must feel the need for investigating or research the place. Everything into a theme and a budgetary adjustment in investment and maintenance.

Public garden design

alt=”Marbella design week 2022 exhibition, Marbella, Spain”


The work pictured is a project exhibit by OCWA Architects at the second edition of Marbella Design Week. A place for trends and novelties in architecture and decoration. Architecture first prize. The landscape proposal takes the conceptual discourse generated by the architectural office as its own. The small or large solutions proposed must fit like a glove in the construction of the site.

Trendy restaurant

This is an architecture and interior design project to update an existing restaurant. The restaurant has a theme that is the basis for the interior and exterior design. In this case the landscaping proposal takes as a reference the needs of the owners and architecture theme to propose solutions in accordance.

alt=”garden design and landscape studio,Mogli restaurant, Marbella, Spain”

Other projects