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Landscape and garden design for real estate


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We seek a balance between economy, style and environmental respect.

We design gardens capable of integrating the building and common spaces.

My activity on the Costa del Sol began in 2000. Between 2000 and 2008 I carried out numerous projects marked by the tastes of the moment: Andalusian village type buildings surrounded by exotic and Mediterranean landscaping with a large number of palm trees and  diversity of vegetation. 

This type of garden continues being one of the most favorite for foreign residents although our designs incorporate greater sensitivity in water consumption and more orderly and structured plantings. Anyway, nowadays we can design in the many different styles that are living together in the same area Marbella and Costa del Sol.

Gardens for Palo Alto real estate

Modern architecture

Enviromental conection

Inside and outside plot.

Aesthetic proposal

Form and content.

Designing living places

Accesses, pathways, swimming pool areas, garden terraces, and much more.

The Palo Alto urbanization is composed of different projects and is located in the municipality of Ojen, in Marbella surroundings. The project is characterized by a modern style building arranged on the steep slope of a mountain with  lines of buildings. The orography, architecture, and environment determine the type of design.

The garden has numerous spaces with very different characteristics, from shady gardens, to south-facing gardens, from areas where the use of palm trees is more justified to areas where the use of Mediterranean climate species has tended to be used.


The exemplary vegetation seeks to solve several needs simultaneously, from that ambience that characterizes Marbella gardens so sought after by owners from other countries, to criteria of connection and unification both horizontally and vertically.

The exemplary vegetation structures the spaces, marks the ambience of the different zones, and connects with the countryside. Shrub vegetation becomes exotic in shaded areas and more spartan in areas of continuous sun. In the new projects, more naturalization actions are incorporated in the areas where they meet the exterior mountain.

They are projects made for an important architecture studio in Marbella. The design inherits the style that has always characterised them and adapts to the new building typology and its spatial layout.

This style is characterised by the exuberance and exoticism of the vegetation, large masses of shrubs, structuring of the space and a strong emphasis on the character linked to use.

In these projects, the configuration of the different spaces is adapted to their situation within the plot, giving rise to multiple typologies of zones, from areas in continuous humidity and shadow to areas overexposed to the sun and wind. 

The vegetation organises the space and gives character and unity to the whole. As a rule, views are enhanced and the defence of privacy between properties is worked on. 

The projects become a sort of orchard where Mediterranean vegetation adapted to lesser requirements and more exotic vegetation coexist in the view, and where the vegetation works by connecting and interweaving the buildings arranged with the large differences in levels.

Garden style enherit from architecture studio

Trusted experience

Designing exotic gardens

Through a unique combination of engineering, construction and design disciplines and expertise.

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The exotic mediterranean marbelli garden is a style of its own

Allegorical and aesthetic

It combines aesthetic proposal and alegoric infomation about the lifestyle. It is a garden designing style that has been copied along mediterranean coast.

Over the years Marbella and the whole of the Costa del Sol has greatly increased its plant heritage thanks to the type of building created and the value of the garden as part of that building.

Of course, everything changes and so do the types of gardens. The new exotic gardens that are created today differ from those that were created ten years ago in terms of volume and the variety of vegetation used.

I developed part of my professional activity as a landscape architect in those years, and in many of the best projects on the Costa del Sol thanks to the architecture studio I worked for.

Nowadays, I incorporate in my garden designs all those values and strategies, as well as new concepts that come from my training in fine arts, and environmental responsibility.


Natural and enviromental friendly and fashionable

New era, new style, new gardens

The new garden styles show more environmental sensitivity.

For decades, the improvement of biodiversity and ecosystems has been a reference in the work of landscape designers. Since the beginning, two trends have evolved together: the use of the best adapted species and the use of the species with the best aesthetic results.

The increase in the number of landscaped areas close to citizens, as well as the lifestyle of landscaped single-family homes, have led to a significant growing in the consumption of resources.

In the development of increasingly less livable cities with problems of heat islands, soil sealing, noise and air pollution, etc., landscape designers must be responsible and incorporate in  jobs proposals to improve green infrastructure, blue infrastructure, and biodiversity improvements.

Vegetation can no longer be just a nice green mantle, but must provide ecosystem services, and maintenance must use the least amount of resources, especially water.

In my new projects, the tree has become the fundamental tool for its carbon sequestration capacity, its ability to make the space more habitable, in addition to other improvements. The shrub masses must reflect the new ecological values, which is very complicated in a climate where it does not rain for more than six months in a row.

In response to this new situation, our designs use plants adapted according to location zones. Some tree species are used for their carbon sequestration capacity and shrub masses reflect a greater naturalization.

In projects we are currently working on, such as Dunique and La Mairena, we seek naturalization and integration with the use of native species, grasses, and Mediterranean climate plants that require fewer resources, but always within a differentiated treatment system according to the areas of action. 

For other projects we are working with the idea of zero water consumption.


Other ways of understanding landscaping

alt=”garden design and landscape studio, garden of grasses and mediterranean plant general floor plan drawing garden, in real estate, in Marbella, Spain”
alt=”garden design and landscape studio, garden of grasses and mediterranean plant general floor plan drawing garden, in real estate, in Marbella, Spain”
alt=”garden design and landscape studio, garden of grasses and mediterranean plant general floor plan drawing garden, in real estate, in Marbella, Spain”
About Dunique garden project

Dunique is another way of understanding what a garden should look like.
The project is located on the beachfront, near Marbella.

The garden is developed along a strip of land 500 metres long by 30 metres wide that includes the private and the public part, perpendicular to the coastline.

The client wanted to take advantage of the slope of the land to enhance the fantastic sea views. Thus, the vertical elements of the project are arranged taking into account the views from each terrace on the ground floor. 

The slope of the land, the layout of the architecture and the structuring of the space are used for the layout.

The palette of tree and palm species is reduced and plants adapted to the conditions to be found there are used.

The planting of shrubs is very different from previous projects. There are different types of distributions and the species proposed, adapted to the growing conditions, are characterised by naturalisation and by the large volume of grasses proposed. 

The lawn is reduced to certain areas where it is easier to maintain and where its use is justified.

The proposal attempts to achieve a fragile balance between the privacy of the ground floor terraces and the creation of an evocative and communicative green mass.

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alt=”garden design and landscape studio, Dunes in front of the sea”